Since I was a child, when i saw a Juventus match, i dreamed to being able to have the shirts worn by my favorite champions. Today my dream has come true and i'm pleased to share it with you...
The shirts that you can see in my museum, have been worn by the players or prepared by the warehousemen to be used in matches. All the shirts are characterized by particular differences that distinguish them from common replicas sold in the store. Most of the material comes from the players, from people very close to Juventus FC and from charity auctions.
You'll find also a section exclusively dedicated to Giorgio Chiellini. The reason? It's very simple. Giorgio has always been one of my great idol, a champion on and off the field.
A special thanks to Giorgio Chiellini and those who work with him for support in the realization of CHIELLINI COLLECTION.
I also thank Angelo for photographic equipment and more.
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